Vintage Salton Drink Serving Tray

Vintage Salton Hotray repurposed into a drink ware serving tray!

This fantastic upcycled bar server is the epitome of mid century cocktail cool! The idea started with finding too many rejected Salton trays and wondering if they could have second chance at life. After a few beginning ideas, they morphed into these gorgeous drink display sets that also function as a way to carry and transport cocktails from room to room. This “scotch neat” set consists of a walnut tray with cut outs for the glasses and bottle so they don’t slide around while in transit. The bottle has an original designed label for scotch and the four glasses have heft to them and would be perfect serving the scotch neat. The salton tray itself features the original wood and metal carrying handles that really make this piece!

This bar set measures 19.5″ wide, 9″ deep, and 10″ high.

A classy and unique addition to your mid century bar!